Monday, 20 June 2011

All set and ready for the samosa sale

Most of the prep that I need doing is now done for my samosa sale. I've just bought cups and tissues etc. Tomorrow at 10.30 800 samosas will turn up at A gate at work and I'll have to shift them. I really hope they all sell. I'll try to sort a display out as well to tell people a bit more about what I'm doing. I guess I left out a lot of detail from the poster. Paul, Will, Saaied and maybe Amjid have very very kindly agreed to help me. I can't really do it without them so I will have to owe them.

On another front, I have finally got myself a foam roller. A what? A foam roller... "what the hell you gonna do with one of those?"
Well, this is no ordinary foam roller. It's about 2 feet long and 15cm in diameter. My iliotibial band (ITB) which runs from my hip to my knee has been playing up recently which has pulled my patellar (knee cap) out of alignment. It's causing me all sorts of problems and walking on it is particularly bad. So apparently the way to sort it is to put the roller on the floor and roll up and down on it. Sounds weird. I'll post a picture! For now, here's my foam roller in the picture. Please pray that my sosa sale goes to plan.

Oh. I also found out today that there are 12 of us going on the trek. I text Adnaan today wondering whether the 'team' was going to get together before the trek. He said we would meet at the end of July. I hope that doesnt clash with my Arabic exams.

I also hit the 20% Mark on my fundraising so it's steadily moving forward.

Please encourage family and friends to sponsor me in this noble cause.

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