Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Balsal Heath Carnival

Gota another one under my belt.

We as Mougal Fish and Chip shop (my dads old chip shop on Ladypool Road) usually held a stall at the Balsal Heath Carnival in Pickwick Park every year and it was always a success. I have managed to bag a stall there again this year and will be doing what we do best... sell samosas, pakoras, chaat, drinks, and of course have a mandatory mehendi stall on the side! We have had lots and lots of ideas on this one, including having a barbecue and selling seikh kebab hotdogs cakes, etc but it all gets a bit out of hand if you try to do too much.

So thats this saturday. I hope the weather is really good and the turnout is amazing because I we will need to sell lots and lots!

On another note, I am now quite busy preparing a presentation for Yarnfield School for next Mondays assembly. I want it to be quite interactive and exciting. I will put together a powerpoint of pictures, maps and diagrams, and also have some props. I would like some audience participation but will have to think of how this will work out.

I still need to get more people to make sponsorships though. The events are working out ok but individual sponsorships are quite slow at the moment. Maybe this will pick up in Ramadan but I need to get a few more events in. Samosa Sale round 2 coming up!

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