Monday, 13 June 2011

The BIG samosa sale!

The sponsors have started coming in and I have just arranged my first major fundraising event. The Great Big Samosa Sale at Lancaster Circus!

It's gonna be BIG and its very very ambitious but with the grace of god inshallah, I will sell all 800 samosas. Yes, I could live to regret this but 800 samosas is what I have ordered and I intend on selling every last one of them.

I'm hoping that it'll raise me around £300 which is a very good jump forward but I'm slightly worried that I might end up with 2-300 unsold samosas. I wonder how I'll offload them.

After this, I will really start badgering people to go onto my justgiving page and make a donation.

I also spoke to dad yesterday about getting Molvi Gulaam Rasool to help me raise some money. He is one helluva superstar molvi when it comes to raising money. I now need to pluck up some more courage and get As-Suffa involved, park fairs involved and Mosaic involved.

I've also got to start walking a bit more too so I might just walk home today...

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