Friday, 24 June 2011

Lots more planning.

Did a whole lot more planning today. It was quite constructive. After the overwhelming success of the samosa sale, I have had lots of encouragement to do another. I have been quite apprehensive, not because of putting the effort in as I loved doing the first one, but because I don't want people to think that I am taking the Mick. However, lots have said that they would love to have some more of the samosas so I have decided to do another one just before the kids break up. Second or third week of July. I have also got underway with planing for Yarnfield schools charity event and will try to get Greet on board. With SIL Shaz F, we might organise the summer f├ęte for the school or get a charity event on. I think I will also contact Al-Furqan and maybe Al-Ameen the very local Islamic schools. I also have to contact Pickwick park fair organisers and see if I can get a few stalls there. We have lots of ideas such as food stalls, obstacle courses, name the bear, goal shooting, basketball shooting and henna patterns.
So lots more fundraising to be done!

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