Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The samosa sale

It's been a long long day. Yesterday I bought the last few things I needed for the samosa sale: cups and tissues. I also created some "this way" signs... ok, actually I just got the original poster and plastered a great big "this way" plastered on it... it wasn't that exciting.

Unfortunately for me, Tuesday is not a very flexible day as I have to drop Ismail to school so I was at Work for 0930 at the earliest. Once in the office, my list of 'to do's' was quite long. Printing off stuff, compiling the emails to go out, taking everything downstairs, setting up the display, etc etc. At 1020 I get the call that the samosas have arrived. So I just had to dash downstairs, get the guys to load a trolly too small to hold 8 boxes of samosas and take it to the basement rest area ( no it's not a toilet... it has tables and chairs for people to have their lunch there). Paid them. Unloaded all but two boxes, took them to 4th floor and lo the selling began. I had to ask Paul to dash downstairs to get started on things there whilst I printed posters and got the rest of the stuff down.

I had to nick some plastic gloves from the first aid room too which was a bit cheeky but better then being unhygienic!
They sold, and sold and sold. It was non stop for an hour whilst me Paul and Will fought the crowds, Abrar helped with stuff on the 4th floor and putting up the displays etc. People were so generous. There was lots of encouragement for the climb, lots of extra donations a d great general banter. I really really enjoyed myself. Took me right back to the chip shop days!

Anyway at around 1230 we were left with around 11 samosas at which point the lift opens and out come Anne, Phil and Jules! Anne bought the remaining samosas and all was packed up (sorry the picture's a little blurred). An absolutely sterling job by all the team whom I cannot thank enough.

I made a clean £405 in total today which I am totally blown away by.

Lots have asked for a repeat event but I'm a bit apprehensive because I don't want it to seem like I'm milking my colleagues at the Council. However, if they decide they're game for another one... Bring it on!!
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