Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Bear necessities

Friday was one momentous day at the office. As I walked in, there sat on my chair... in my tweed jacket was the grand teddy bear! it's huge... and quite a character! It became the talk of the office, most commented on our 'new member of staff' but it was also a great way of promoting my Kilimanjaro trek.

I learnt that Mr Bear (as yet, name is unconfirmed), has had quite a rough life up until now and it's yet to get worse. He's from a broken home, couple split, gave the bear away Came to Sarah/Martins house where he was loved by the young but rejected by the queen of the palace. Thus he has been donated to my charitable cause. He will end up being raffled off or won at off a table in a local fair of some hoooo!

But, none the less, we had fun taking pictures of him all over the place, planking and sitting in the Directors chair etc. Though I contemplated taking him home on my bike, I resorted to picking him up in the car on my way to Arabic class in an undignified journey in the boot of the car! He's since been riding in the front seat with the seat belt on.

After the mad rush today though, we didn't end up putting him up at the Balsal Heath Carnival. It would have been one extra thing to take care off and we had enough on our plate already. So we have to save him for another occasion.

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