Monday, 4 July 2011

Yarnfield School assembly

I'd had a meeting a couple of weeks back with Matthew Wynne, the headmaster of Yarnfield Primary school where both my boys Ismail and Ishaaq attend. I asked if he was willing to get the school on board with my charity fundraising. The absolute gentleman that he is, he agreed to host an event to help me in my fundraising. In fact, he had some great ideas of his own: sponsored spelling, building a mountain from recycled materials etc but in the end we decided that something simple and convenient like a non-school uniform day would be best. Anyway, as part of the deal, I agreed to his suggestion of doing one of the school assemblies to explain the cause to the childre. We penciled one in for the 4th of July. Today.

Having never done anything like this before, it was quite a challenge. I know the school have a massive projector in the hall so I wanted to make a PowerPoint presentation. I scripted it all out and found the pictures to suit, pieced it all together and it was ready for delivery.

I'm making good use of the banner too as it's going everywhere with me now!

I got to the school in the morning and Matt Wynne was not in in the morning. The other teachers were oblivious to the fact that I was supposed to do anything but were very helpful. I got a laptop, Karen (one of the teachers) helped set me up and all the children piled in. I didn't expect there to be so many but Ismail did rightly warn that there were around 200 kids there!

Ismails form teacher Mr Holt was holding an assembly on International week. This was perfect because it all fit in with what I was doing. After formalities. I was first up...
"hello kids!"

It actually went very smoothly. All the kids seemed excited and participated. I just have to hope that the non-uniform day is a success.

After, I packed then dashed to the office. I left a little early to walk back. First time in a couple of weeks. My glute is still playing up. I just hope it holds out.

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