Monday, 11 July 2011

The good with the bad.

I was annoyed today because fundraising gas slowed down somewhat. However, I met the Yarnfield school headmaster who tells me non school uniform day will be the last day of term and I can collect money at the end of the day.

I also enquirer about the flag. I don't have prices yet but I'm told it's easily possible to have a full colour print.

I also enquired with the building manager regarding a second samosa sale. Hopefully they will agree.

The bad?
I enquired about our tickets. Though they have been booked, they are with emirates. This means that the flight will land Dar es Salaam and not Kilimanjaro. That's a 650 km drive! An absolute killer just before the trek and a complete waste of day. I'm sure these things will be aired as we have a meeting in Sheffield with the whole team.

It may work out for the better for Zanzibar though as we can ferry back and fly to Britland. Having said this if we had gone with KLM, we could have flown direct to Kili airport, then to Zanzibar and then from Zanzibar to UK. Simple. But unfortunately... Nothing ever is...

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