Thursday, 7 July 2011

Ticket booking

Tahseen called today to confirm some name and D.O.B details for me and Harune. This was because he is now going to book our tickets! Wahaay... another step closer. We're also pushing the end date to the 19th from the 15th as we plan to do a Safari and maybe even Zanzibar!

However, I also found out that we'll probably be doing the Marangu route, also known as the Cola-cola route. This is because we will have women with us and as the Marangu is the only path with proper huts, it's also the only route with proper facilities (toilets etc). So it will be better for them. However, it's not as scenic as the Machame route that we originally planned to climb and it's also got less chance of success because of the shorter climb.

I can easily live with the less scenic route as all the routes will be scenic for me. When you haven't seen anything, it's all good. The 'lower chance of success' part is what bothers me. My purpose is not to 'try' to climb Kili, my purpose is to summit. So if we do go up this route. I will insist on a rest day for acclimatisation.

I've requested that we all meet as soon as possible to meet the group and also to discuss these kinds of things. Tahseen wants to meet late in August. I want to meet in the next couple of weeks. We'll see what happens.

Actually I've just had a text from T Proposing a meeting on 15th July. I'll have to see if I can make it as it's very close to exam time. It's also in Sheffield which is kinda central as fundraisers are from Lancashire and Birmingham. We'll see how things pan out. Alhamdulillah, it seems the whole group is itching to meet each other!

In other news: I went out and got the material for the flag for Yarnfield School. Now I have the school badge image and the flag material, I just need someone to put one onto the other!

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