Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Balsall Heath Carnival

Yesterday was the next biggest fundraising event after my great big samosa sale. Everything was ordered and Friday night Harune was busy cutting all the onions, potatoes and spinach for the pakoras... whilst I was at my Arabic class.

It seemed mostly organised but as usual in the greater Malik household, they never really are! Saturday morning, I got a delivery at 0930 of the banner. What an amazing banner! I think it in itself raised us quite a bit of money with the attraction.

So, I grabbed the signs, stationary, money, tubs, and a few other bits n bobs from home and went over to mumndads.Grabbed Harune, went to the cash and carry and picked up some drinks, brown bags and chippy trays. By this time it was past 11am and stalls were setting up. But, we still had to get Samosas from Smethwick and so straight to Chandighar on Bearwood Road for the Samosas, picked them up and off to the park.

We had a walk around and to our horror, the place was actually heaving with stalls selling samosas and other food. At that point I thought there was no way we could shift 400 samosas. It was even hard finding a space let alone one away from another food stall.

We propped our table on the corner by one entrance and set up. Made dua and the selling began. I can only say that Allah was with us because we really did sell and sell again. I didn't let anyone pass without preaching that we were the 'right' people to buy from because we weren't earning a penny from it. It seemed to work.

I do love the Balsall Heath Carnival because of meeting all of our chipshop customers. So many have grown, got married, had children of their own, yet they were all just children themselves who came to the shop. It's made me sad just thinking about it.

Sab, who is also joining us on the Trek was also on our stall selling cakes for £1 a go and they were selling! amazing! The mehendi thing didn't really work out though but her help was really appreciated on the stall on the day.

All of our families came down, even Zaidas lot from Coventry which was so good. Wasims family also popped down and many other notable guests!

At one point, we decided that 4 boxes of samosas are not going to sell at this Carnival so Harune took it to his workplace and sold it all in no time at all. £65-00 thank you very much! Had it stayed at the Carnival... it wouldn't have sold. So like I say, we were very blessed yesterday.

In the end Sab had three cakes and I had three samosas, I bet I would be the winner so i forced a man to buy 2 and paid 50p for the last samosas which I am scoffing in the picture below! We sold over £350 worth of stuff and actually raised over £250 for the charity. We gave some to Sab for her help and split the rest between me and Harune.

It was a great shame that mum n dad had to work so hard for this one though. A point that became a bit sticky for the family. We'll have rectify this next time....

Overall, a successful day.

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