Sunday, 31 July 2011

Last chance

This weekend was the last time that I could have gone out and blasted the hills of the UK for some training but alas it wasn't to be. My demanding life required the purchasing of uniforms for next term and stocking up on essentials for Ramadan as well as other menial jobs that couldn't be delayed.

Its a shame as the weather has been perfect and it really was the only chance I had to do any mountain training, quite upset about that.

This last week has been too busy though with my Arabic exams. It's all a bit topsy turvy with Exams, Ramadan and Kili all intertwined but what has to be done, has to be done.

On the plus side, Starting from tomorrow, I can start collecting in peoples pledges. Many said they would give but in Ramadan so now I can work on getting to that target.

Oh, My new jacket arrived too! It seems a little on the large side but It seems to fit ok with a fleece and stuff. Maybe I will have to build some serious muscle instead!

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