Thursday, 14 July 2011

New stuff a go go!

The fund raising activity continues...

Saturday is the Fair at Conway school. I hope we are not being too ambitious with 200 samosas but hopefully it will all go well. Harune and his friend Turbo (Tayyab), who was once a pupil there.

I will be on a family trip to Barry Island with Ismails madrassa. It's likely that this will be the last outing with my family before I go... don't say anything... I didn't choose Barry Island! To top it off, I think it will be raining on Saturday. Oh well, so much for the white linen shorts I bought for the trip!

The Samosa sale is on for next Wednesday. I'm sitting on my computer updating my blog when in fact I switched it on to design the next poster. I have a few ideas! I'm running late with the advertising too. 700 samosas I've decided. 100 less then last time but I'm gonna have to push... it's all for charity. I'll blog the poster when I finish.

I've decided to go ahead with a Krispy creme doughnut sale on the last day of term too.

I've heard nothing back from the flag people for the flag of Yarnfield school so I'm on to another printer. I'm really looking forward to flying the flag for the school so I want it to look absolutely pukka! Shaz was quite surprised how fussy I was with the material!

In fact, Ismails just told me that all the kids in the school are very excited about the Kilimanjaro climb and are always googling it... no pressure!

Tahseen called yesterday. The meeting is off. Not enough people could make it which is a shame. He will organise something for the end of August but a) I think thats too late and b)it will be the last ten days of Ramadan so I'm not compromising that.

Training wise, I seem to be hurting everywhere! My iliobial band is playing havoc so I'm rolling the hell out of it but inshallah it will be ok.

gotta do this poster now!

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