Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Gear freak is surfacing

Ok. So I walked back home yesterday (in running shoes) and walked back in today in my walking boots. These have got Superfeet orthotics in them but were cut a little short by the shop dude me thinks (I should have said something then really). I may need some new orthotics...

I've been looking very closely at the Bear Grylls shirts made by Craghoppers. I like the look of them a lot and want to get one. I also like the look of the trousers!
(update): I just bought one! They are cheaper then any other shirt at the moment so what the hell!

I've also been loving this Suunto Core watch. It looks so menacing and with the demise of my Triathlon watch (probably indicates the demise of my triathlon competing altogether!) there is space for a new watch!

A new jacket is definitely needed too. Old Lowe Alpine Flash has served me very well but it's heavy, very heavy and I need something much lighter... ok, ok, I just want an Arcteryx Alpha SV but thats a lot of very big dollars. Would I settle for anything less though?

Good underwear is another thing, proper stuff that wicks well and stuff.

Its all getting expensive now!

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