Sunday, 31 July 2011

Yarnfield School Fundraiser

Thursday was the last day of school for Yarnfield Primary School. It was also the day that Matt Wynne, the headmaster chose for the charity fundraising non school uniform day. It was unclear how much would be raised from this event. Matt suggested somewhere in the region of £350 so that’s what I’ve been calculating all along. The day went by and the children enjoyed it. Though for some very odd reason, though Ismail went in non school uniform, Is’haaq had actually gone in full uniform… imagine that, my own son, in school uniform?! Preposterous!

I went to the school the following morning to collect the monies. Though it wasn’t ready, I was told they would be kind enough to count it and write a cheque for me so that I wouldn’t have to be lumbered with a ton of coins.

I headed off to work and a short while later got a call from the school with the final sum. £600.00!!! My jaw dropped. I never in a million years expected that much. What an absolutely staggering effort from both the teachers and pupils. I was told that they even decided to add in the money raised from the 5 penny collection that each class was doing. I is so heart warming to learn about this kind of generosity.

Flag update: I was advised that the logo would look much better on a white background as it contains lots of blue anyway. The printing company may be able to supply the right material but if not, I will have to buy some more. I can’t wait to get it finally printed. I do however have the design in my head of what I will do with it in the end. I know some of the staff and kids read this blog so I’ll keep quiet about it for now!

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